Learn the characteristics and best varieties to choose.

Cherokee Purple is a classic heirloom tomato is a great easy to grow variety for the beginner.

. The indeterminate cherry tomatoes grow to a plant height of 8 feet.


Water: Average-consistent.

Wrap or clip each tomato plant to the string, winding or clipping as the plant grows. The term 'determinate' refers to the plant growth habit. 91-1.

Another option for trellising tomatoes is the stake-and-string method.

Growth forms. Salad tomatoes include currant, cherry, grape, and pear. Is celebrity tomatoes a hybrid? The “Celebrity” tomato, which is classified as a hybrid tomato and grows about 4 feet tall, was a 1998 All-American Selection winner.

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Plant a salad tomato.


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The term 'determinate' refers to the plant growth habit. Dave Determinate Tomatoes.

A few favorite indeterminate varieties include ‘Beefmaster,’ ‘Brandywine,’ Big Boy,’ and ‘Jet Star.
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The vines are indeterminate but fairly compact.


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. . Bartelly F1s are great for greenhouses and containers alike. . Data specific to Tomatoes ; Heredity: Hybrid: Skin Color: Red: Flesh Color: Red: Fruit Shape: Round Flattened Globe Other: round,flattened: Fruit Size: Medium Large: Fruit. It takes 60 to 100 days for a tomato to be harvested, depending on the variety.

Examples of Determinate and Indeterminate Tomato Plants.

great for canning, too. .


Fruit is tasty and mild-flavored, matures early with tremendous yields.

Salad tomatoes include currant, cherry, grape, and pear.